Code Course Credit R/E Content
BA5100 Linear Modeling 3 E Multiple Regression; Analysis of Variance, and Experimental Design.
BA5108 Quantitative Management 3 E Decision Theory, Game Theory, Linear Programming, Integer Programming, PERT, Inventory Control, and Queuing.
BA5109 Marketing Research 3 E Marketing Strategy and Applications, Research Design, Sampling, Performance Evaluations, Factor Analysis, and Case Studies.
BA5200 Theory in Marketing 3 E Strategic Marketing, Marketing Planning, Consumer Behavior, New Product Development, Distribution Channel, Pricing, Sales & Promotions.
BA5204 Investment theory 3 E Financial Market, Investment Channels, and Performance Evaluations.
BA5210 Securities Market and Practice 3 E market structure primary market trading market clearing and settlement market surveillance market information and disclosure securities firms compliance market risk management
BA5300 Theory in Financial Management 3 E Optimal Financial Investment, Risk and Return, Capital Budgeting, Corporate Finance and Market Efficiency, Dividend Policy and Capital Structure, Financing, Futures & Options.
BA5301 Managerial Economics 3 E The purpose of Managerial Economics is to contribute to your understanding of how markets work and explore the challenge and opportunities that markets pose for managers and firms. The course applies basic economic principles to address issues that arise 
BA5303 Futures & Options 3 E Portfolio, Risk-spreading, Operation Techniques, Performance Evaluations, Applications for Derivative Securities.
BA5308 Strategic Marketing Planning 3 E Understand and Apply in Strategic Marketing
BA5400 Financial Statement Analysis 3 E Financial Statement Reporting, Basic Analysis, Debt-clearing Capability, Earnings Potential, Capital Structure and Business Operations, Special Cases Analysis
BA5402 Production & Operation Management 3 E Theory and Practice in Capability, Location, Production Planning, Working Environment, Scheduling, Material Management, and Product Quality.
BA5403 Materials Management 3 E Introduction, Policy, System and Budgeting, MRP, Materials Management and Production, Inventory Control, Purchasing, Storage, Materials Checking and Control.
BA5410 Management case writing and study 3 E Develop Management cases writing types for case context, and depend on management function and business function to write cases. And by cases study to enforce students’ diagnosis ability.
BA5601 Organization and Management 3 E Transaction Cost in Theory and Applications, Ownership and Agency, Information Asymmetry, and Moral Hazard.
BA5602 Seminar in Compensation Management 3 E Theory, Design and Major Topics in Compensation Management.
BA5603 Advertisement Management 3 E Theory and practice in advertisement Management, Role of Advertisement in Business Operation.
BA5604 Non-Store Retailing 3 E Connect “Non-Store Retailing” with “Internet”.
BA5605 Electronic Commerce 3 E Overview of Internet Technology Components of Internet Business Models Dynamics of Internet Business Models B to B, B to C and C to C EC ERP, SCM, & CRM KM & e-learning Internet Marketing
BA5709 Strategy for Organization Development 3 E Organization Design, Organization and Decision-making, Objects and Efficiency, Top Management Design, PERT.
BA5800 Competitive Strategy 3 E Competitive Analysis, Competitive Environment, Strategy Evaluation, Forecasting, Information System Design, Marketing Strategy, and Case Studies.
BA5900 Business and Industrial Policy 3 E Decision Factors Analysis, Scientific Innovation, International Scientific Network, International Competitiveness, and Project Evaluation.
BA6001 Multivariate Analysis 3 E Categorical Analysis, Principal Component, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, etc.
BA6002 Business Qualitative Research Methods 3 E 1.Reviewing current knowledge 2.Defining a research question How research questions are generated and refined to produce working bases for research. 3.Qualitative methods: generalisability, validity and reliability in method selection. Practical issues in
BA6006 Seminar in Service Innovation for Content Industry 3 E Service innovation introduction; Content industry analysis; Taxonomy of service innovation; Business process innovation; Virtual community; e-CRM; Clustering-based innovation
BA6007 Special Topics on Organizational Psychology (Ⅰ) 3 E 1. Introduction 2. Multicultural experience and creativity 3. Moral issue in organizations 4. Exploring justice and fairness issues from the perspective of uncertainty management theory 5. From job burnout to job engagement 6. Gender and leadership 7.Lead
BA6008 Ethical Issues of Managers 3 E 1.Individual-level factors in managerial ethical issues 2.Organizational-level factors in managerial ethical issues. 3.Country-level factors in managerial ethical issues. 4.Other factors in managerial ethical issues.
BA6009 Management Innovation: Practices and Seminars 3 E 1.The concepts of management innovation 2.Four perspectives on management innovation 3.The processes of management innovation 4.The management practices of management innovation 5.The mechanisms of management innovation 6.Case studies on management innova
BA6017 Special Topics on Organizational Psychology (Ⅱ) 3 E 1.Introduction 2.Uncertainty management theory and organizational justice 3.Work engagement 4.Negative leadership and workplace bullying
BA6091 Bond Market 3 E Theory and practice in domestic or International Market of bond, Interest derivative securities.
BA6101 Investment Portfolio 3 E Theory in Portfolio, Capital Market Equilibrium, Portfolio and Securities, Performance Evaluations.
BA6140 Managerial Applications of Social Network Analysis 3 E The course is organized into three major sections – basic methods and tools, managerial applications, and modern theories and applications. Basic methods and tools section introduces basic concepts, methods and tools for social network analysis. Manageria
BA6200 Technology & Law 3 E This course involves 3 main units below: 1. Intellectual Property (IP) and Technology Industry 2. Seizing the Business Opportunities on the Global 3. Compliance with The Legal & Ethical Governance that Supports the Biomedical Industrial Development
BA6202 International Marketing 3 E  
BA6203 Services Marketing 3 E Services play a major role in winning the business not only for service firms, but also for manufacturing firms. No company, reputable or less known, can afford to ignore it. This course will show the challenges faced by service providers and discuss the 
BA6205 Consumer Behavior 3 E Consumer behavior covers the topics of acquisition, use, and disposal of products, services, or ideas for individuals and organizations. The emphasis is on comprehension of consumer thinking and feeling related to the aforementioned issues as well as an i
BA6211 Leadership and Communication 3 E This course discuss leadership theories, include leadership characters, leadership styles, contingency leadership, transformational leadership, visionary leadership, and discuss the leadership topics of networking organization and virtual organization. In
BA6215 Subconsciousness and Marketing 3 E This course will include the following content: 1.unconsciousness 2.regulatory focus 3.mental simulation 4.the effects of unconsciousness on consumer behavior 5.the effects of unconsciousness on marketing activities 6.conclusion
BA6216 Global Marketing Management 3 E This course is designed to help students to develop the ability to be an effective leader and identify the practice skills that enhance your competition in the global marketplace. International marketing recognizes the growth importance of the global mark
BA6217 Creativity and Management 3 E This course is designed to utilize creativity in the management to broaden students thinking and leader potential in the global workplace. This course will help you learn a set of skills that will enable you achieve the professional and personal success t
BA6218 Word of Mouth Marketing 3 E 1.word of mouth theory 2.WOM & social network 3.BBS & internet marketing 4.WOM & viral marketing book reviews 6.WOM software WOM management
BA6219 Unconsciousness and Consumer Behaviors 3 E 1.Learn what is consciousness. 2.Learn what is unconsciousness. 3.Learn the relationship and interaction between the consciousness and unconsciousness. 4.Learn what is consumer behavior. 5.Learn the effects of consciousness (unconsciousness) on consumer b
BA6221 Technology Transfer and Licensing 3 E 1.The reason of technology licensing 2.Preparation for technology licensing 3.Technology valuation 4.Technology transfer agreement 5.Negotiation guidelines
BA6230 Specific R&D-related IPR issues 3 E 1.Google book Search: public domain, fair use, open access model Reading: 2.File sharing: P2P provider’ & users’ liability on copyrig
BA6231 Intellectual property law and marketing strategies 3 E Intellectual Property Issues in 1.Branding 2.Advertising 3.Merchandising 4.Imports and Exports 5.Internet marketing
BA6324 Case Studies in Human Resource Management 3 E According to the Harvard case teaching method and participant-centered learning spirit, The objective of this course is to familiarize students with various theories of human resource management and corresponding cases are discussed to enhance students ma
BA6401 Manufacturing Strategy 3 E Production Capacity, Human Resources, Science and Technology, and Plant & Equipment in Manufacturing Service, and Managerial Decision-making in Manufacturing Service as well.
BA6405 Seminar on the theory of Strategy(Ⅰ) 3 E Part 1: Organizational Capability and the Sustainability of Competitive Advantage 1.The Sources of Sustainability of Competitive Advantage 2.The Characteristics of Organizational Capability Part 2: Organizational Capability and Routine 3.Capability and Ro
BA6406 Business Strategy of Small and Medium Enterprise 3 E The objectives of this course are to understand the today’s conditions and characters of Taiwan SME(Small and Medium Enterprise), and to discuss the government policy and business strategy of contingency challenge to SME. The major contents are :introduce
BA6500 Service Innovation Strategy 3 E Service innovation introduction; Innovation strategy management; Product innovation and process innovation; Value chain innovation; Network services innovation; Virtual community strategy and management; e-CRM; Clustering-based innovation
BA6503 Corporate Financial Strategy 3 E  
BA6600 The Theory of Performance Measurement 3 E  
BA6601 Human Resource Development 3 E The purpose of this class is to provide students with an introduction to the theory and applications in the areas of training and career development. This class will also illustrate the relationship between training and career development as well as the r
BA6605 Human Resource Management 3 E The purpose of this class is to provide students with an introduction to Human Resource Management (HRM). Through lectures, assignments, and in-class activities, students are expected to gain understanding of the theories, practices, and issues concerning
BA6608 Business Policy and Decision-Making 3 E Topics in the Theory and Practice of Strategic Management and Business Policy.
BA6613 Structural Equation Modeling 3 E This class aims to provide graduate students with an introduction to the theory and applications of structural equation modeling (SEM) with an emphasis on the use of LISREL. The ways in which structural equation modeling and LISREL programs are applied in
BA6619 Seminar on Employee Performance 3 E 1.Employee performance : Concepts, definitions, and dimensions 2.Task performance: Antecedents and Consequences 3.Organizational citizenship behavior: Antecedents and Consequences 4.Employee deviant behavior: Antecedents and Consequences 5.Adaptive perfor
BA6620 Cross-Cultural Management 3 E 1.Introduction. 2.Multilevel theory. 3.Multilevel research method. 4.Culture as independent variable. 5.Culture as moderating variable.
BA6621 Case Studies in Managerial Psychology 3 E This course will cover the following issues using Harvard case-method to facilitate participant-center learning: 1.Communication 2.Negotiation 3.Leadership 4.Team management 5.Conflict resolution 6.Decision making 7.Career management
BA6623 Taiwan Training Quality System and Human Capital Management 3 E This course context as below: 1.introduce the concept、measure index and management mechanism of human capital management. 2.the definition and function of training system. 3.the role and competency of trainer and management. 4.discuss training system mode
BA6625 Human Resource Management Practices 3 E 1.Building good relationships with workers 2.Goal setting and performance evaluation 3.Salary and promotion 4.Playing the role as a good manager 5.Developing human resources in the organization
BA6626 Seminar in Hierarchical Linear Modeling 3 E 1.Issues in the level of analysis 2.Multilevel model 3.Methods to multilevel data analysis 4.The rationale of HLM 5.Centering issue in HLM 6.The practice of HLM
BA6627 Management Innovation and Human Resource Management Practices 3 E 1.Research-and-practice oriented management innovation and human resource management 2.Management innovation theory and practices 3.High commitment HRM theory and practices 4.Business cases – management innovation and high commitment HRM practices 5.Linki
BA6630 Cross-Cultural Communication 3 E This course will focus on employing strategies to read a person’s, a market’s and an organization’s culture and employ that knowledge in an organization’s stakeholder communication. Features of culture such as individualism and collectivism, power distanc
BA6700 The Economics of Organization (1) 3 E  
BA6803 Industrial Organization 3 E Transaction Cost in Theory and Practice, Organization Structure Design, Optimal Incentive Contracts and Firm Structures.
BA6804 Optimal Control 3 E Calculus of Variation and Optimal Control in Theory & Application.
BA6805 Economics of Strategy 3 E 10 Competitors and competition (1)(ch 6) 11 Competitors and competition (2) (ch 6) 12 Strategic commitment (1) ( ch 7) 13 Strategic commitment (2) ( ch 7) 14 Discussion 15 The dynamics of pricing rivalry (1)(ch 8) 16 The dynamics of pricing rivalry (2)(ch
BA6900 Technology Management 3 E Scientific Strategy and Planning, Forecasting & Evaluation Innovation and Management, Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures, M&As, Industrial Cooperation, Business Law and Tax Planning.
BA6902 Seminar on Marketing Channel Research 3 E 1.Marketing channel theories 2.Marketing channel literature discussion 3.Marketing channel research critique 4.Marketing channel research trends and development
BA6903 Strategic Commitment 2 E Part 1: Strategic Thinking 1.Introduction of Game Theory 2.Nash Equilibrium 3.Dynamic Competition Equilibrium 4.Strategic Movement Part 2: Oligopoly Competition 5.The Demand in Oligopoly Market 6.The Equilibrium in the Oligopoly Market Part 3: Strategic C
BA6904 Strategic Move 2 E Part 1: Strategic Thinking 1. Introduction of Game Theory 2. Nash Equilibrium 3. Dynamic Competition Equilibrium 4. Strategic Movement Part 2: Oligopoly Competition 5. The Demand in Oligopoly Market 6. The Equilibrium in the Oligopoly Market Part 3: Strat
BA6905 Seminar on Judgment and Decision Making 3 E 1.Anchoring 2.Framing 3.Prospect Theory 4.Mental Accounting 5.Positivity 6.Negativity
BA6906 The Economic Analysis and Firms’ Strategies in High-Tech Industry 3 E 1.Semiconductor (1) :IC design; manufacturing; Packing and Testing 2.Semiconductor (2) :IC products 3.Semiconductor (3) :case study 4.Semiconductor (4) :firms’ strategies 5.Telecommunication (1) :wireless products 6.Telecommunication (2) :case study 7.Tel
BA6907 Game Theory and Strategic Management 3 E 1.The definition of game theory 2.Cooperative static game 3.Non- Cooperative static game 4.Dynamic game 5.Asymmetric information and auction 6.Pricing and quantity strategies 7.Firm’s operational management 8.Case study
BA6908 Case Studies of High-Tech Firms’ Strategies 3 E 1.Cooperative static game 2.Non- Cooperative static game 3.Dynamic game 4.Asymmetric information 5.The auction for wireless communication firms’ strategies 6.Firm’s pricing and quantity strategies
BA7100 Special Topics on Human Resource Managemnet 3 E The purpose of this course is to motivate, enhance and raise graduate student’s interests and abilities in reading, writing and reviewing research papers in the areas of human resource management and organizational behavior. Through the instruction and di
BA7101 Special Topics on Human Resource Management (2) 3 E The purpose of this seminar course is to enhance grduate students' abilities in writing academic papers, reviewing papers, and replying reviwer's comments during paper submission processes.
BA7102 Qualitative Research 3 E  
BA7103 Strategic Theory 3 E week Content 1 Introduction to strategic theory 2-3 The evolution of the modern firm (ch1) 4-5 The horizontal boundaries of the firm (ch2) 6-7 The vertical boundaries of the firm (ch3) 8-9 Organizing vertical boundaries (ch4) 10 Mid 11-12 Diversification 
BA7110 Special Topics on Organizational Behavior (Ⅰ) 3 E This is a seminar class designed for graduate students. The class will cover major topics in organizational behavior, with special focus on behaviors at individual and team levels, e.g. personality, cognition and emotion, motivation, leadership, job-relat
BA7111 Special Topics on Organizational Behavior (Ⅱ) 3 E This is a seminar class designed for graduate students. The class will cover major topics in organizational behavior, with special focus on employee benefit program, person-environment fit, quality of work life, work-family interference, pro-social and de
BA7120 Seminar on Organizational Management Research Methods (I) 3 E 1. Introduction 2. Raising your research question 3. How to improve the theoretical contributions of your research 4. How to make management research “interesting”? 5. Beginning with theory: Theory-testing research 6. Ending with theory: Theory-building r
BA7121 Special Topics on Organizational Management Research Methods (2) 3 E 1.Introduction and review 2.Experimentation: (a)basic principles, (b)research design,(c)research conducting and data analysis,(d)paper writing. 3.Other advanced topics: (a)quasi-experimentation, (b)moderation and mediation integration, (c)meta-analysis, (
BA7200 Strategic Human Resources Management 3 E 1.The Five Forces 2.Consistent HR Practices 3.Employment and Economics 4.Transaction Cost Theory 5.Agent Theory 6.Incentive Contract Theory 7.Performance Evaluation
BA7300 Seminar on Attitudes and Persuasion 3 E The class will cover the following topics: 1) Message persuasion 2) Attitude formation 3) Attitude change 4) Attitude structure 5) Attitude measurement
BA7500 Agency Theory 3 E Moral Hazard inside Organization, Optimal Incentive Contract, Agency Theory and Game Theory, Agency Theory and Organization Design.
BA7502 The Analysis of Core Competence of Firm 3 E 1.Introduction 2.The Origins of Competitive Advantage: Innovation, Evolution, and the Environment 3.Skill, Learning By Doing and Component Competence 4.Organizational Capability and Architecture Competence 5.Task Assignment and Architecture Competence 6.A
BA7601 Business Research Methods 3 E The purpose of this class is to provide graduate students with an introduction to the theory (concepts) and applications (practice) of business research methods. The ways in which research methodologies and statistics techniques are applied to the busines
BA7603 Organization and Mechanism Design 3 E Organization and Design Theory with L. Hurwicz (1959). Empirical Studies with their Case Applications.
BA7604 Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior 3 E Topics in Individual & Group Level Organization Behavior, Interaction Process, Special Features in Organization Behavior.
BA7605 Organization Mechanism Theory and Management 3 E This course addresses various organizational issues-not as isolated phenomena but by using a consistent framework of economic analysis. We focus on moral hazard and institutional responses to this problem of post-contractual opportunism and provide a care
BA7704 Financial Theory 3 E Investment Decisions, Efficiency Capital Market, Capital Budgeting.
BA7706 Seminar on Investment Theory 3 E Review on Portfolio, Capital Market, M&As, Risk-Return etc.
BA7805 Organization Theory 3 E Game Theory, Uncertainly and Risky Environment.
BA7807 Models of Marketing Theory 3 E Concept of Marketing Theory.
BA7809 Game Theory 3 E Strategic Thinking
BA7810 The Application of Incentive Contract Theor 3 E 1.Introduction of Incentive Contract Theory; 2.Risk and Incentive; 3.Intensity of Incentive; 4.Incentive Management under high risk Environment; 5.The Incentive Management for Multi-Task Employee; 6.The Incentive Contract for Chain Store Manager; 7.The In